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Cora "Mom" Green (1934 – March 30th, 2011) was one of those people who just did what she could to make Oakland California better. She and her husband Doug "Pop" Green worked on their own, with the Police Athletic League, Oakland Firefighters Random Acts, and whoever Mom saw that could help to get done what needed doing.


Mom spent pretty much her whole life making the world a better place. Her family moved to the Bay Area when she was 11. After high school, she went to work at Alta Bates hospital, and eventually earned her nursing degree in 1965. Alta Bates was where she met Doug "Pop" Green, who was then the head chef. They married, had a daughter and then moved to Oakland in 1972.


A series of seizures meant she had to leave the nursing profession, but that didn't stop her from helping people. Over the years, Mom was given enough awards to cover a wall, but she didn't try to get attention for herself. She and Pop volunteered in the community for years, and formalized their efforts in the 90s with the Mom and Pop Green Foundation. She was one of those people who just did things, and if she needed your help, she'd get it, forging relationships with various Bay Area companies, government entities, and sports teams.


Mom received enough awards to cover a wall, but she didn't do it for that. “It comes back to me in so many ways. It comes in the faces of the children I help.” Former mayor Lionel Wilson was the one who gave her the name 'mom', because she was a mom to everyone in Oakland and helped countless children.


When she died, the Oakland Fire Department gave her a royal send-off, escorting her coffin in a parade procession through Oakland led by a police escort. There was a huge turnout to say goodbye to Mom, which was no surprise given how many lives she touched. Representatives of the Oakland police, firefighters, Oakland Raiders, various churches, and councilmember Desley Brooks all spoke about Mom and the impact she had 



Sharon Green-Holder

Along with Cora “Mom” Green and Douglas “Pop” Green was there daughter, Sharon. At an early age, Sharon began to understand the meaning of “humble beginnings”. She began assisting her parents by helping those in need in the Oakland community. Such duties included packing Thanksgiving and Christmas food boxes for needy families, back to school and hygiene supplies give-a-way, helping set up local community block party activities which focused on uniting neighbors to build a safer community, visiting various fire stations to conduct clothing and toy give-a-way campaign, volunteering at schools, churches, nursing homes and the local police department’s youth programs. 


Throughout the years Sharon has developed her skills in community outreach as a Program Manager, Health Educator, certified trainer in reducing household asthma triggers, Event Planner, budgetary experience, executing community activates under Government Grants and accomplished public speaker which started at a young age winning first place in national oratorical contests.  In addition, Sharon has a B.S. degree in Business Administration.


Community Outreach is very dear to Sharon.  She has a passion for getting out there and providing assisting wherever the help is needed; being an example to children and a mentor to young ladies. Sharon acknowledges her parents for getting her involved at an early age at doing something that she now love’s to do and to honor her parent’s legacy.


Sharon believes in the mission of Mom & Pop Green Organization which is showing Love with Action. Serving as President is an honor and privilege to continue the legacy and dedication her parents worked so hard for. Just like her parents working together side by side Sharon along with her husband, Sylvester W. Holder.